Sunday, October 5, 2014


Love, you seem so distant
Because my mom is so far away,
My sisters' ears aren't listening to me,
My Dad's hands are not here to pat me,
Friends, some have changed and some long gone,
and new ones don't last.
You seem so distant because i have been cheated in your name,
Because they told me i am fat and i am beginning to believe that,
Instead of fixing , i think you complicate,
So i try not to feel , i heard you even make people kill.
But I still listen to songs that are written for you,
Because it sounds hopeful sometimes ,
Because the other day my friend got married to her high school sweetheart,
Because my grandparents still hold hands as they walk together,
Because my aunt just gave birth to a baby girl,and that makes me and everyone happy ,
" I love you" can turn some people's world upside down and i think that's stupid...
...but well , i guess YOU won
because all this while it has always been about you,
even behind skipping heartbeats , who knew!

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