Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On Women..

Adam was the first man God created but Eve was special because she was created from a part of Adam's body.
Today we see women are still being ill treated ,they are subjects of torture, crime, exploitation and inhuman actions by them Men who are suppose to be taking care of them women ,who are suppose to protect not rape, care not assault, give love not violence, women protest but they are always unheard.She puts up with all of his curses n sinful words all because she is a WOMAN.

.... Because she is a woman  she endured your rage and anger, she took care of your demands and served you even at midnight ,she stayed awake waiting for you, she smiles even wen u hurt her.She was beaten and thrown around all because she was a woman , her freedom was taken away.. from a princes at her home she was made a slave at yours, because she is a woman she was raped n her heart was broken, she was laughed at when she spoke boldly all because she is a woman, his mascular fist on her tender cheek tore her soul apart... BUT she stayed silent all because SHE IS A WOMAN.

But here's the thing you ought to know...Because she is a women she holds her head high, she fights and stand for herself, and because she is a women HE will have to answer her one day. She will now have her career and have a successful life, she will be happy n start to BELIEVE in her dreams again, her mere presence  made his building a home..she'll be  a proud daughter again and rule the world in a way only a women can mold. She'll laugh again, she'll sing, she'll start to live for herself  n yes she will return his fist. Without her a family is never complete ...a family without prayer, a family without guardian angel. Do you even know what it takes to be a woman?

She prays with tears ,to God she is very dear. God hears her and "He counts her tears"....
She is the reason for your existence today... u breathe now because she bore you.

. And from his rib she was made but from her womb n her pain she created a human race ... ALL BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN.... this is what it takes to be a Woman.

~~~To all women who are strong, to all who BELIEVE in their dreams, to all who knows they can rule the world~~
      (and to men no pun intended)

Monday, November 15, 2010


There are so many things you want in life... there are so many things we don't have that others have. Being a human being is the best that i can do and that is DESIRE for more. i see people wearing the clothes i cannot afford i feel sad n then i wish my parents were richer, i wish they could give me more money... i wish i could spend money lavishly like others do. IF only .... is the word that comes to my mind.

Life is not fair of course , but we still live it. Like we envy others there are a lot of people who envy us. We are just never satisfied with wat we have and that my friend happens wen we start comparing ourselves to others. Someone said.. " Compare yourself to what you can do , not what others can do."  n thats exactly what i don't follow.. of course there is courtesy from my folks back home for that. we cant always be what we want to be. I don't know what i am going to do or where my path is leading... but i am going with the flow.. n hope to trigger it someday. Just waiting for the green light.. trying the best that i can do...m still waiting...but in this process... i am doing all that i shouldn't do, hell i count it as experience ,just so i might not miss out on anything in life n later i can say.."I WAS THERE TOO!" .Recounting on all that i did n am doing tho it will be nothing for others ... i'd like to say ... what is there to wish for something which is someone else's wen i can have it all in my own way.. i don't need new clothes to enjoy life... i don't need the best shoes.. i rather prefer dancing bare foot... the way i entered this world... maybe thats who i really am... maybe i wasted a lot of time wanting more... wanting to be like others...n almost forgot myself!

Many a times we focus too much on things around us than ourselves... updated on all that is happening in the world but no updates on our lives... then how are we going to make this life worth living. The word "IF" ruins it all for me... coz i start to wish for something fake to the truth...or  fantasy to reality.So reality bites from time to time is badly if we stick to the ground that has been prepared for us , as long as we learn to be contented with what we are n what we have, as long as life is still ALIVE. i might go gaga over a shoe or a dress in the showroom tomorrow after writing all these but now i will say to myself ... m gonna wear better shoes than that one day.... n i'll just walk away broken hearted with a sad face. tee heehee. well thats what i call life... compromises, sacrifices, and experiences for a wiser tomorrow! cheers to life!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

In love with friends...

Friends the most important people next to family. They are the answers i cant find anywhere else in... i wonder how they have the solution to all my problems. Sometimes i know i let them down sometimes i say "no" but hell they are always around....  like they say"just a missed call away.".. I am not crazy neither are they... but what is this aura? we go insanely crazy together... singing out loud.. dancing... drinking...(ahem water).... jumping... sharing some bollywood dance step mostly Dev Anand style...and wat not things that really makes us look wierd ... but i love it.... i can be myself with them.

We know each other much better then our parents does or maybe better then our men will ever know. They can sometimes be a super hero for me ... always out to rescue me from any trouble. with them i can be a freak everyday of my life.With them i feel like being drugged... drugged to have fun and celebrate with cheers all the way from dusk to dawn. We share everything.. pain,gain,joy, tears, hatered , love , gossips,bitching... its so fun to even start thinking alike sometimes. We ignore some things big time but we adore what we truely love.

Near or far they are always in my heart.... there are people who will just pass by but  friends are superfantastic they stop and listen to me no matter how boring i sound or how awfully silly i may be. I want to thank them but i wont coz i know i'll be thanking them all my might sound like a cliche but i feel so rich when they are around ,so in love with them... n yes it was at first sight... .. i wish they'd be mine this life and all the lives if there are any.... makes my life colorful ...cheers to friendship cheers to life!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Going home...

Going home woulnt be fun if u dont have a loved one waiting for u., a mother,father,a sister, a friend, or ur spouse. We are all so lucky coz we hve them... there are indeed people who are homeless, for them home will be like no joy at aall.. there is always something different about home, it might as well get boring and annoying at times.. but we get nostalgic about everything that is paired with the word HOME.

HOME SWEET HOME  is what it is called... its like a calling from home for us where ever we are.. the smell of fresh air early morning (meaning u have to wake up), the breeze that blows through my face is like revisiting my childhood.. yes thats where i grew up ... and prolly thats where i'll die... if i get sick i always long for the place where i belong.. i know there is always my mothers care ,dad's protection, sisters teases... and the neighbours noise , and though the streets are not as noisy as in delhi ... hell its always jammed. Some thing i know  i am sure when i go home is the smiles that would welcome.. the mountains,rivers,, the crowded markets, the school kids returning home.... sigh i was one of them... but the situation still is the same ... i go home for holidays away from my studies except that i have grown older.

Sad i am not going home soon but looking at some of my friends going home makes me want to just run home.. if only it was nearby... i feel very bad for some people who dont have anyone waiting at home... but sure there is their childhood, innocence, and a story worth telling wen they grow older and have babies.   Everyone is not so fortunate as us.... and we are not as deprived as the rest of them..... so here again.. cheers to life!!! :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Lonliness is something we all feel at one time or the  other , some crave for it. No one wants to be lonely, that somehow makes us feel out of this world, so unloved it brings in us all sorts of thoughts that would never have come if we were somewhere else wid someone.... we act according to the environment we are in and the kind of situation we get into, so wen we are alone why not make the best use of it... do the things which we cannot do in public or even with your close ones, instead of cursing  those moments. Being lonely can also mean giving time to ourselves....besides other skills we should learn to organise loneliness as well, and if you are really tired of loneliness "who the hell is stopping you from going out?" ....we all have friends and relatives to whom we can barge into and see that there wont be anyone who will say no to you.

For me . i take loneliness as an opportunity to be all that i am with no compromises it doesn't mean i do other times ...but i treat myself well ,take myself out,feel like a QUEEN (hehehe) .. i see the world so differently then with no other comments to hear or debate .. what ever i say is right and the final... i speak to myself, analyse my life.... and thats actually when i realised that i havent done anything in my life yet .DAMN! 

So see there are actually a lot of things we can do wen we are alone i am not saying loneliness is 'fun" but it can be productive... it might take u on a mood swing... but bet u that its best to have mood swing alone then with others, we might cry and laugh or even act crazy all alone but its worth it coz u are giving time to your self and there's no harm in it ! ..... i say cheers to lonely times!

Friday, October 1, 2010

When i started blogging....

Today a new month and a new day(rather evening) i started to blog.... am i glad or what? Yes i am. Being bold enough to write whatever i can . BLOGGING is something i always wanted to do, and today i did it ...YES..(punched my fist in the air) like i achieved something..... but as someone said "there is always a first time or everything" then here it is "MY FIRST POST"

WRITING - something everyone can do but some people don't really mean it and some people's whole life consists in it.... typing down words that would melt hearts and attract attention is not in me but i am doing might sound crap it might make sense but i am writing anyways.... cheers to life!